Many small business owners today are incorporating VoIP phone systems to enhance their customer service.  If you are planning to subscribe to a small business telephone service, what key features should you look for?

small business phone serviceHosted VoIP or VoIP PBX – Which to Choose?

A hosted VoIP service means a separate company provides the telephone service and other features related to it so there’s no need to hire an IT specialist to help you manage the system.

This type of telephone service is entirely dependent upon your internet connection.

On the other hand, a VoIP PBX system means all the management and maintenance will be taken care of by the business owner.  If you prefer to hire your own IT specialist to do this job for you, then you can choose this system.  Generally, larger businesses opt for this solution since they can easily afford to hire in-house employees to manage their own telephone system.

Why a Hosted VoIP System Fits the Budget

One of the biggest advantages of acquiring a hosted VoIP telephone service is cost-effectiveness.  First, there is no need to purchase any hardware or equipment to make the system work.  As long as you have a reliable computer system and a broadband internet connection, the system will work.

Second, you will not need to hire additional manpower to supervise the system.  All tasks associated with the management and maintenance of the system will be carried out by your VoIP host company.

There is also no need to hire extra personnel just to answer all calls and connect them to the appropriate extensions.  When a caller dials the number, he/she will hear a voice prompt giving instructions on which number to press to get in touch with the right person. You can save a great deal of money by not paying employee salary, benefits, etc.

It is easy to see why small businesses can afford the hosted VoIP service despite having a limited budget.  You’ll be glad to know that all the expenses you spend on enhancing your telephone system will pay off as you gain more sales and customers because of your dependable customer service.

More Benefits of a Hosted VoIP

Get RingCentral Office - $24.99/mo. per userFlexibility. VoIP Hosts give their clients the option to make changes with their communication systems without difficulty.

If you need to change phone numbers or voice prompts, all you have to do is log in to your account using a secured website provided by your Host VoIP company.

Track your calls easily. You simply need to access your account to review the calls your company received for the day, including important details such as the time of call, the duration of the call, who received the call, etc.

Special functions to use. You can use call features like voice mail, call conferencing, automated attendant, call forwarding, etc. – all are designed to make business management a more easier task for you.

Never miss important calls.  VoIP phone systems can automatically redirect unanswered calls to your voicemail box or voice email account so the caller can leave the message, and you can be alerted that a voice message is waiting for your retrieval.

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